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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Let your music be heard

I was just listening to a you tube channel a while ago when I chanced upon watching the video of my friend's daughter singing some gospel songs. At her age, she is awesome. She definitely got the voice. IIt is very entertaining to watch a kid singing some gospel songs.

Because my friend is helping her daughter enhance her talents, I am sure she will be interested if I tell her that there are cool crown amplifiers that she can buy so that whenever her daughter sings, she can use an amplifier for a better performance.

I wish that one day, I will be able to watch my friend's daughter perform live.

Do you play Xylophone?

I am not a music kind of person. I am not blessed to have the talent of playing any kind of music instrument. Surprisingly my daughter is into music. She obviously didn't get that from me. Hubby's side of family must have that music genes.

Speaking of music instruments, if you play xylophone, I found a good website that sells affordable music instruments. You can click the link here if you want to buy bass xylophone at WWBW.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Perfect for students

The markbass players school combo is perfect for students who wants to practice their songs or music with professional quality. What makes this perfect for the students is its price. This item is inexpensive but offers the same high quality. It is also easy to use and the sound quality is beyond awesome.

If you know somebody who can use this combo, then tell them to get this as it is affordable. You can buy this combo online or in stores. You can not just use this for practice purposes, rather you can use this in some of the little gigs too!